Zhaikmunai Increases ROP 57%, Saves 5 Days and USD 210,000, Kazakhstan | Schlumberger
Case Study
Kazakhstan, Asia, Onshore

Challenge: Improve shoe-to-shoe ROP and maintain verticality while reducing well costs and construction time.

Solution: Drill the entire section in a single run by using PowerV vertical drilling RSS with a customized Smith PDC bit with ONYX PDC cutter technology.


  • Drilled shoe-to-shoe in one run, increasing ROP by 57%
  • Saved 5 days off planned 10-day drill time, saving USD 210,000 per well
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Zhaikmunai Increases ROP 57%, Saves 5 Days and USD 210,000, Kazakhstan

PowerV vertical drilling RSS significantly improves drilling performance, enables shoe-to-shoe drilling in single run

Reduce well costs and construction time

When operating in the Chinarevskoe field, Zhaikmunai LLP has traditionally used conventional-motor BHAs. Initially, A962M motors were used to drill the 11 5/8-in sections at an ROP of 14 m/h. However, due to the inability to fish the A962M motors, they were replaced with A825M motors, which lowered average ROP to 10 m/h. Drilling parameters were altered to maintain verticality with packed BHAs, which lowered ROP and increased overall well construction time.

Develop a step-change, integrated solution

Schlumberger and Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company, worked together to develop an integrated drilling solution for Zhaikmunai that included PowerV RSS and a customized Smith PDC bit with ONYX cutter technology.

When drilling, the PowerV RSS actively steers downward, regardless of the azimuth of any inclination present. Using a closed loop inclination mode, the vertical RSS senses if the hole inclination is building and automatically determines the direction required to steer back to vertical. Once vertical, any deviation tendency is corrected automatically downhole, thereby maintaining without any operator interaction from surface.

The customized bit design included ONYX PDC cutters, which demonstrate greater wear resistance and fatigue life compared with conventional PDC cutters. ONYX cutters are field proven to stay sharper longer, meaning more footage at maximum ROP and reduced cost.

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The well that used the PowerV RSS and ONYX cutters was drilled 5 days ahead of plan.

Increased ROP sets new precedent

The first well drilled with the PowerV RSS achieved ROP of 22 m/h, the fastest hole section drilled in the field. This represents a 57% increase in ROP compared with conventional motor assemblies, which achieve an average ROP of 14 m/h. Because of these results, Zhaikmunai replaced its conventional BHA design with the PowerV RSS for the 11 5/8-in sections of the entire project.

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The well drilled using the PowerV RSS and ONYX cutters improved drilling time, ROP, and ROP per circulating hour compared with offset wells drilled using conventional motors.
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