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Case Study
Colombia, South America

An operator in the Llanos Basin used PeriScope Edge multilayer mapping-whiledrilling service to land the well accurately, improve reservoir understanding in real time, and extend horizontal sections in the Carbonera Formation.

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Multilayer Mapping-While-Drilling Service Extends Horizontal Sections, Colombia

Ultrahigh-definition mapping delivers accurate landing and improves net-to-gross ratio

Navigate the challenging Carbonera Formation

The operator wanted to gain a better geological understanding and improve geosteering for landing the horizontal sections. The first few feet of the Carbonera Formation exhibit levels of iron carbonate that require arriving at the top with a maximum angle to avoid bouncing back at the siderite levels. This complicates dropping inclination to the target sandstones, especially in the first 10 to 15 ft of the reservoir. The significant stratigraphic variation and low thickness of the objective sandstones for some horizontal wells in the formation make navigation more challenging. The oil/water contact depth must always be considered, as the wanted interval may be less than 10 to 15 ft away from the contact, resulting in high water cuts or 100% water production.

Make real-time decisions and improve geosteering

PeriScope Edge service detects multilayer boundaries and maps complex geological details, enabling real-time decisions and improving understanding of reservoir changes. The PeriScope Edge service improves geosteering of landing the horizontal section and geological interpretation.

Improve reservoir understanding

In the first worldwide run using the PeriScope Edge service, the tool provided clear boundary mapping, helping the operator update the geological model. The service showed greater details of the reservoir and a better characterization for more accurate landings in the objective zone, minimizing the risk of sidetracks.

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PeriScope Edge service provided greater depth of detection compared with previous technology, enabling accurate landing in a challenging and complex environment.
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PeriScope Edge service provides multiboundary mapping in a thin, complex reservoir.

"Given the configuration and resolution provided by the Periscope Edge service, which enables mapping and, therefore, anticipation of the resistivity contrasts above and below the trajectory of the well being drilled, it has been possible to optimize the positioning and navigation of horizontal wells and even propose new wells or sidetracks in order to obtain the best possible well."

—Development Geologist, Carbonera Formation Operation

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