PowerDrive Orbit RSS Increases ROP 35 ft/h for Talisman on Marcellus Shale Wells | Schlumberger
Case Study
Marcellus Shale, United States, North America, Onshore

Challenge: Maintain directional control and increase drilling efficiency in unconventional shale reservoir

Solution: Provide directional drilling services using PowerDrive Orbit rotary steerable system fitted with MDi516 and SDi516 drill bits to deliver precise directional control while improving ROP


  • Increased ROP 35 ft/h, including connection and survey time
  • Drilled an additional 840 ft in a 24-h period
  • Saved 1.3 days
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PowerDrive Orbit RSS Increases ROP 35 ft/h for Talisman on Marcellus Shale Wells

Push-the-bit RSS drills additional 840 ft in 24-h period, saving a total of 1.3 days

Maintain directional control while increasing ROP in Marcellus Shale

The Marcellus Shale is one of the largest unconventional shale plays in the US, but its geology makes maintaining directional control difficult. Talisman needed an RSS that would increase ROP and improve drilling efficiency on the horizontal wells it was drilling in the play.

Provide directional drilling services with reliable push-the-bit RSS

Schlumberger used the PowerDrive Orbit RSS fitted with drill bits from Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company. The PowerDrive Orbit RSS increases drilling efficiency with an engineered pad-actuation system. The RSS also enhances trajectory control using multi-axis inclination and azimuth measurements and has full hold inclination and azimuth (HIA) capability on any rig type worldwide.

Using PowerDrive Orbit RSS reduces the number of BHA runs and openhole exposure, improves ROP, and provides consistent DLS at a higher speeds. The system provides greater tolerance to stick/slip and shock and vibration as well as optimizes drilling in real time to support critical steering decisions. It delivers precisely positioned, high-quality wellbores through an extended-range gamma ray sensor. The system's six-axis continuous inclination and azimuth delivers more accurate well positioning. A closed-loop HIA reduces well tortuosity and improves hole quality.

Drill more footage, saving 1.3 days

Talisman drilled four wells using the PowerDrive Orbit RSS. Including connection and survey time, ROP increased by approximately 35 ft/h, which resulted in an additional 840 ft drilled in a 24-h period, leading to a total time savings of 1.3 days. Using the RSS to drill the turn at 3°/100 ft resulted in a drilling rate 30 ft/h faster than what a conventional motor had previously achieved.

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PowerDrive Orbit RSS drilled 840 more footage in a 24-h period, saving 1.3 days off total well time.
“The improvements made by the PowerDrive Orbit RSS have a significant impact on both cost and performance. As a result of performance improvements, the overall cost for a rotary steerable well has gone down by as much as USD 70,000.”

Talisman representative, Unconventional drilling project

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