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Sustained casing pressure poses challenge for offshore wells

Published: 12/05/2022

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Some offshore platforms experience sustained casing pressure, which can jeopardize the wells.
Some offshore platforms experience sustained casing pressure, a challenge that Production ExPRESS solutions quickly resolved for an operator offshore the Republic of the Congo.

Well integrity jeopardized by SCP

Sustained casing pressure (SCP) is a common issue jeopardizing well integrity in mature wells. SCP occurs when pressure builds up behind the casing and continues to increase, even after it is bled off, leading to potential well control issues. Because of the costs involved, sustained pressure in the well annulus can be challenging to remediate through conventional means, such as workover rig.

SCP jeopardized the integrity of an operator’s wells offshore Republic of the Congo, forcing the operator to stop production, shut the wells, and focus on solving the issue. After considering several options, the operator selected SLB Production ExPRESS solutions.

Production ExPRESS solutions are a suite of services focused on the wellhead and surface facilities to help operators maximize production and improve cash flow through rapid diagnosis and intervention. In a fast-changing industry, Production ExPRESS solutions help customers proactively eliminate wasteful or hazardous operations, especially in mature or underperforming fields, with a service that is practical, modular, and highly responsive.

Bleedoff package enabled 2,000-bbl/d production

A surface well testing bleedoff package was deployed to continuously monitor the pressure buildup and process recovered fluids. The package included a surface safety valve, choke manifold, and burner. Each time the monitored casing pressure increased, the hydrocarbons were recovered, and production flow was sustained in the wells. Depending on the magnitude of pressure buildup, the operation was performed monthly and sometimes weekly.

The Production ExPRESS solutions package enabled the operator to keep producing ~2,000 bbl/d from several of its offshore wells. The rapid response of the package, deployed to remediate and
closely monitor the critical situation, added to the operator’s cash flow by monetizing production from its mature wells.


Production ExPRESS rapid production response solutions helped the operator recover 2,000 bbl/d from several mature wells with pressure issues.

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