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Operator Reduces NPT and Extends Life of Hydraulic Fracturing Equipment, Colorado

Published: 12/15/2016

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Colorado operator needed solution for deteriorating fracturing equipment

Because of uneven usage and poor return practices, a Colorado operator's fracturing equipment was deteriorating rapidly. While collaborating on ongoing fracturing operations, Cameron alerted the operator that seat pockets and valves were corroded and trees and other equipment were extremely worn. When the operator inspected other frac trees from the standby yard, even the newer trees were found to be in a deteriorated condition.

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Incoming frac trees in need of refurbishment (left); Repaired frac trees ready to return to the field (right).

Cameron proposed a plan combining replacement and management

Cameron suggested a replacement plan and a customer property management system to prolong the life of new trees and minimize potential shutdowns during operations. Following a massive 18-month equipment replacement program, Cameron implemented a system that would provide better visibility of the operator’s investment in 120 frac trees, valued at more than USD 2.6 million.

Customer reduced NPT and maximized life of USD 2.6 million investment

The new program requires inventory returned from the field to be rotated into the shop for refurbishment on a first-in first-out basis. The equipment is inspected, tested, and repaired as necessary, and subsequently each unit is retested, greased, and painted. Repairs are billed to the last well on which the equipment was installed.

When the customer needs trees for a fracturing project, each unit is assigned to a specific well and then delivered to the location and installed by Cameron. A tracking report monitors the received, in-house, shipped, and deployed units, and their location is submitted to the customer on a monthly basis, keeping him apprised of equipment availability.

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Challenge: Improve equipment management to minimize deterioration and consequent operational downtime.

Solution: Implement a property management system to prolong equipment life and simplify logistics.

Results: Gained better visibility of equipment, mitigating financial losses from poor tracking and maintenance.

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