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Kelli Ainsworth Robinson, Associate Editor, Drilling Contractor, speaks with Tamer Shoukry, Schlumberger Marketing and Technology Manager for Well Construction and Core Completions.
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IOGP JIP, Configurable Equipment Platforms Propel Industry Toward Standardized Completion Designs


Tamer Shoukry discusses how Schlumberger has taken a platform approach to completions equipment, including packers, intelligent completions, safety valves and isolation valves. Under this approach, equipment is built using common building blocks that can be easily modified with standard components.

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The BluePack Max RH packer was designed for high-rate production or water injection wells with differential pressures up to 10,000 psi. It is one of several packers in the standardized BluePack platform. Packers on this platform are built with a common architecture and building blocks, although certain elements can be modified with standard components.

A recent example of this methodology at Schlumberger is the BluePack production packers family, introduced in June 2016 followed by other packer configurations over the past two years.

Although components of the packer design can be customized, “they’re customizable within a platform, within a common architecture,” Shoukry said.

An operator can select the packer that’s best-suited for its well environment while configuring certain components and sub-assemblies of the packer based on the specific needs or challenges of the well. For instance, an operator might customize the elastomer based on the chemical properties of the fluids that will be in the well. Additionally, the operator could opt to customize the retrieval technique, choosing between cut-to-release or pull-to-release.

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