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The unique use of openhole whipstocks in the Permian Basin means that the mill spends more time in the formation than for a typical cased hole whipstock operation. Increasing efficiency by milling a rathole in a single trip is made more difficult in the angular sands with high unconfined compressive strength (UCS) of the Bone Springs Formation.

TrackMaster Select System with TrackMaster Solutions Bimills Reduce Runs in the Permian Basin

Modular whipstock sidetracking system uses bimills to improve performance while openhole sidetracking in hard and abrasive formation

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Typical mills use PDC cutters on the nose and gauge only. Data from field testing and customer feedback led to TrackMaster solutions mills that include cutting elements on every other blade. These bi-mills, in combination with shorter whipstock slides from the TrackMaster Select system, are a reliable, one-trip milling system capable of withstanding openhole sidetracking in high-UCS sands. This system increased one-trip milling success to 96%, which reduced time and operating cost.

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