Marcellus Shale Milling Millout Frac Plugs 91 Hours and USD 399,000 Saved | Schlumberger
Tech Report
Marcellus Shale, United States, North America

Pennsylvania, USA
Marcellus Shale

140 degF [60 degC]
3,500 psi [24 MPa]
Casing size
5.5 in [14 cm]
Average well depth
13,500 ft [4,115 m]
Average lateral length
5,000 ft [1,524 m]
Motor size
3.125 in [8 cm]
CT string size
2.375 in [6 cm]

With an average of 15 plugs in each well, an operator wanted to increase the number of plugs drilled out per trip without compromising the quality of the milling operation.
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Operator Saves 91 Hours and USD 399,000 in Six-Well Milling Operation

Short trip schedule optimized during millout of frac plugs

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To improve millout efficiency, Schlumberger took over the operation and assured the operator they had the job procedure and personnel in place to be able to be more aggressive with the short trip schedule. This allowed the operator to mill up to six plugs per trip instead of the conventional three plugs per trip. The combined technologies created substantial savings by decreasing the time in the lateral, the amount of chemicals used, and the running footage, saving a total of 91 hours of operational time and USD 399,000.
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