Single-trip perforating and gravel and frac packing

When greater efficiency is a primary objective because of depths, pressures, costs, or risks, the unique QUANTUM PERFPAC system allows tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) and gravel or frac packing in a single trip. High-performance, big-hole perforating charges maximize wellbore productivity. The guns are dropped into the rathole at the instant before they fire, protecting the rest of the assembly from shock. The screens are then positioned across the perforations and the sand control procedure starts. Suitable for both single and multizone completions, the system also minimizes completion fluid losses and improves productivity by eliminating fluid-loss pills.

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Minimize Rig Time, Completion Fluid Loss, and Costs

In single-zone and stacked completions, the QUANTUM PERFPAC system allows perforating and gravel packing to be performed during a single trip into the well. Visit Cased Hole Gravel-Pack & Frac-Pack Completions page