Video: HEAL Horizontal Enhanced Artificial Lift System

Mitigate slug flow and minimize operating costs

The HEAL System or horizontal enhanced artificial lift system mitigates slug flow to extend natural flow and increase production over the life of the well.

In conventional horizontal wells, multiphase flow rapidly degenerates into slug flow that limits the well’s ability to naturally flow. Alternating, inconsistent slugs of gas and liquid reduce production efficiency and promote production of abrasive solids that can cause severe equipment damage.

The HEAL System is positioned in the well’s heel to allow for higher and vertical pump placement. It is easily added as part of a standard well completion, bridging completion with production to enhance artificial lift performance and reliability.

The produced fluid stream is conditioned to reduce fluid density and mitigate slug flow. An engineered vortex separator delivers a clean, consistent liquid stream to the downhole pump. Achieving consistent and smooth fluid flow maximizes drawdown, controls damaging solids, prevents proppant production, and minimizes costs.

Maximize artificial lift system performance, minimize operating costs, capitalize on your well’s value.

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