Video: REDA Continuum Unconventional Extended-Life ESP Stage

Improve recovery and ESP run life in gassy and
abrasive applications

The REDA Continuum ESP stage is a mixed-flow pump stage engineered for unconventional flow behavior and challenging environments. It achieves higher lift, superior efficiency, reduced power consumption, and longer run life even in unconventional wells, which often exhibit steep production declines, high gas volume fractions, and solids production. With the ability to operate at high efficiency through a wide operating range, the Continuum stage eliminates the need for costly replacements due to production changes, reducing overall operation expenses and optimizing uptime. Its preconfigured plug-and-play design drastically reduces rig time and improves system reliability, even in extreme weather conditions.

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High Efficiency Through a Wide Operating Range

REDA Continuum unconventional extended-life ESP
The Continuum ESP enhances performance in gassy and abrasive production environments, reservoirs with uncertain productivity, wells with steep production decline, unconventional shale reservoirs, and conventional oil wells. Visit Continuum ESP page