Video: BluePack RH Retrievable Hydraulic-Set Production Packer

Enable long-term production or water injection

The BluePack RH retrievable, hydraulically set production packer ensures strength, reliability, and long service life in production or water injection wells with differential pressures up to 5,000 psi. All BluePack RH packer sizes are validated to API 11D1 V3. The field-adjustable release mechanism maximizes application flexibility at the wellsite.

To ensure dependable operations, all BluePack RH packers are pressure-tested before shipment and can be delivered with standard or premium connections.

When running into the well, the slips are protected from damage, which prevents premature setting. When the packer reaches the desired depth, a single-step setting mechanism ensures that the slips anchor first to prevent tubing movement during setting.

A pressure test then verifies the zonal integrity and the well can be placed on production, with the robust AFLAS or HNBR element minimizing the risk of chemical degradation.

During production, the BluePack RH packer elements prevent debris from reaching the slips, ensuring smooth retrieval.

A straight upward pull on the string releases the slips, and the element relaxes.

The BluePack RH packer is available in three quality grades and two bore configurations, all API validated in all sizes. Its uncomplicated design and proven reliability make it an ideal and cost-efficient option for injection or production applications.

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