Video: Engineered Completions Using the BroadBand Sequence Fracturing Service

Designing completions for superior wellbore coverage and reservoir contact

The BroadBand Sequence fracturing service addresses both wellbore coverage and reservoir contact through a number of enablers. In terms of wellbore coverage, we use a composite pill that provides temporary isolation of the clusters of entry points that have already been stimulated, enabling the redirection of fracturing fluid and materials into other areas that would not have been stimulated. In terms of reservoir contact, we built on our expertise in channel fracturing techniques by reaching farther and higher into the reservoir to ensure the fractures remain propped and open from tip to wellbore.

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Sequenced Stimulation Increases Production

BroadBand Sequence Fracturing Service
The BroadBand Sequence fracturing service reliably induces temporary isolation on demand, stimulating more perforations. Visit BroadBand Sequence Service page