Video: KickStart Rupture Disc Valve

For cemented multistage fracturing

KickStart rupture disc valve eliminates the complexity of an intervention such as coiled tubing (CT)–, tubing-, or tractor-conveyed perforating for fracture-stimulating the first stage in a plug-and-perf operation, saving time and costs. Conventional systems require such time-consuming mechanical intervention because once the casing is cemented, the system is closed and a plug and gun string cannot be pumped down to the first stage. The KickStart valve allows an entire propped stimulation treatment to be pumped through its helical ports and the cement sheath into the formation, without need for perforation tunnels. It is especially suitable for multistage stimulation of horizontal and highly deviated wells, where costs are higher.

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KickStart Valve Wins Award
for Engineering Innovation

ELEMENTAL degradable technology for multistage fracturing wins E&P award for engineering innovation.
The KickStart rupture disc valve eliminates an intervention to perforate the first stage of plug-and-perf operations, providing a more efficient way to start the fracturing process.
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Eliminate Initial Coiled Tubing Run to Perforate Toe of Well

Rupture Disk Valve Improves Plug-and-Perf Applications
The KickStart valve streamlined the fracturing process, saving more than USD 100,000 per well. Read article