Video: AxeBlock and StingBlock Cutter Blocks

Different formations cause different drilling challenges. Different challenges need different solutions. StingBlock advanced stabilization conical element cutter blocks increase stability and maximize ROP, endure high impact in hard formations, and enable operator to apply higher drilling parameters. The AxeBlock torque-reducing ridged diamond element cutter blocks boost ROP, endure high torque through interbedded formations, and minimize BHA damage risks. The StingBlock and AxeBlock cutter blocks enable superior performance in most formations, faster ROP, increased durability to complete the entire reaming interval. Both cutter blocks deliver synergetic action on the rock, improving ROP, and reduce damage and wear to the BHA while increasing efficiency.

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StingBlock Cutter Block Increases Tool Stability

StingBlock Advanced Stabilization Conical Element Cutter Block
The StingBlock cutter block improves footage and ROP in challenging drilling applications that pose a high risk of vibration to the BHA and impact damage to conventional cutter blocks. Visit StingBlock Cutter Block page