Video: BluePack Max RH High-Pressure Retrievable Hydraulic-Set Production Packer

Improve reliability in high-rate production or injection wells with differential pressures up to 10,000 psi

The BluePack Max RH high-pressure, retrievable hydraulically set production packer ensures strength, reliability, and long service life in high-rate production or water injection wells with differential pressures of 10,000 psi.

All sizes of this packer are validated to ISO V0, and the packer’s slip-element-slip design extends its operating envelope.

When the packer reaches the desired depth, the setting mechanism ensures reliable anchoring and sealing. A pressure test then verifies the zonal integrity, and the well can be placed on production, with the robust AFLAS or HNBR element minimizing the risk of chemical degradation.

During production, the BluePack Max RH packer debris barrier prevents debris from reaching the upper slips, ensuring smooth retrieval.

When ordering the packer, it is configured for cut-to-release with an explosive jet cutter or mechanical pipe cutter. An optional conversion kit can be used to easily change the release mechanism to straight-pull-to-release in the field.

Designed and API-validated for reliability in 10,000-psi applications, the packer’s hydraulic setting process can also be changed by adding an optional hydrostatic setting trigger, which includes an antipreset feature to avoid early setting.

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