Video: CemFIT Shield Mud-Sealing Cement System

Improve zonal isolation and limit detrimental mud channeling effects in your wells

In modern wells with long horizontal laterals drilled using nonaqueous fluid, cementing best practices such as centralizing and moving pipe are limited or impossible. The result is poor zonal isolation and channels because of drilling mud left behind the casing.

CemFIT Shield mud-sealing cement system improves zonal isolation and reduces channeling by interacting with nonaqueous drilling fluids.

The result is better cement bonding and limited opportunities for unwanted wellbore and formation fluid flow behind the casing.

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Cement Bond Index Improves by 55%

Fulcrum Technology Improves Cement Bond Index by 55% in Horizontal Wells, Permian Basin
An operator in the Permian Basin used Fulcrum technology to improve cement bonding and zonal isolation before hydraulic fracturing. 
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