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‭Enhance production in conventional and unconventional reservoir completions

As the first member of the OpenPath stimulation services family, OpenPath Sequence diversion stimulation service enables sequential stimulation of zones and intervals to maximize wellbore coverage and reservoir contact. The OpenPath Sequence service uses a composite pill containing a proprietary blend of degradable fibers and multimodal particles to effectively and temporarily divert acid into additional clusters along the wellbore. The use of fibers to enhance particle suspension to isolate the desired zone is an industry first and results in optimum plugging performance. 

OpenPath Sequence service uses similar equipment as a conventional stimulation treatment. During the beginning of a fracture treatment, the acid naturally enters the reservoir where the rock stress is lowest. Without OpenPath Sequence, the fractures would be limited to only the zones of lowest stress. The OpenPath Sequence service pill temporarily blocks these entry points of low stress to allow stimulation of new zones with higher stress. Combined with an engineered acid suitable for reservoir conditions and completion design, the effective stimulated rock volume is increased to deliver greater production of oil and gas.

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OpenPath Sequence Service Maximizes Wellbore Coverage

OpenPath diversion service
OpenPath Sequence diversion stimulation service uses degradable fibers and multimodal particles to sequentially stimulate target zones and intervals. Visit OpenPath Sequence Service page