Video: Manara System: Multilateral Installation

Monitor and control flow in multilateral wells with robust installation

The Manara production and reservoir management system provides downhole permanent monitoring and in-lateral flow control of multiple zones and compartments in real time—even in multilateral wells. The installation process is seamless using field-proven, stackable workflows and robust downhole equipment. A liner with integrated casing coupler (ICC) is run into the well and the liner cemented. The next well section is drilled, and a multizone Manara system completion is run into the open hole. After the desired lateral depth is determined, an anchor packer is landed and set, and the whipstock is lowered and oriented to enable drilling. The production reentry deflector tool is installed, the lateral completion located and landed, and the service coupler landed. Communication is verified for both laterals. The sequence is repeated for the next lateral, and communication is again verified, enabling real-time data transmission for all laterals.

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Continuous Measurements and Infinite Control in Every Zone in Real Time

Manara Production and Reservoir Management System
The Manara production and reservoir management system substantially reduces lifetime lifting costs and increases production and recovery.
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