Video: Liner Hangers: Out of the Blue

V3 and V0 ratings for consistent performance in cemented or uncemented applications

Great things in completions come out of the blue. Like our complete portfolio of Colossus liner hangers. Designed for the toughest conditions and regulations, they deliver integrity to the core.

Our cemented and uncemented liner hanger systems provide drilldown and rotation capability while enhancing well integrity. And our Colossus M2M metal-to-metal expandable liner hanger systems deliver gas-tight seals and premium hanging capacity for reduced risk and maximum reliability in deepwater applications.

Our full portfolio means you have a wide range of complete solutions at your service. V3 and V0 rated, Schlumberger liner hanger systems are consistent performers that follow proven and repeatable installation techniques. And at every job, we provide 24/7 support and locally trained personnel for a smooth installation—for excellence in execution, you can count on, every time.

So, no matter the challenge or environment, Schlumberger delivers all the liner hanger systems you need. Discover more completions solutions that come out of the blue with Schlumberger completion products.

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Gas-Tight Solutions for Casing and Liner Problems

Metal-to-Metal Casing and Liner Solutions
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Completion Time for Heavy Oil Extended-Reach Wells Reduced by Nearly 90%

Petroindependencia Reduces Completion Time for Extended-Reach Heavy Oil Wells by Nearly 90%
COLOSSUS UNC uncemented liner hanger system enables rapid liner deployment with zero NPT in 25 Venezuelan wells, reducing completion time from 10 days to 1.25 days on average and saving the operator
USD 590,000. Read case study