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Optimize production and enable remote operations of a single well or an entire field

The Lift IQ production life cycle management service enables real-time connection to wells. With three storage options—global, in-country, or on premise—this single platform with integrated solution software provides access to critical data, detects events, and offers quick and easy monitoring and troubleshooting. In addition to reducing operating costs by optimizing power consumption, the Lift IQ service also minimizes downtime through remote operations.

There are four levels available with the Lift IQ service ranging from visualization to lift surveillance, analytics, and diagnostics to well and reservoir optimization in a single well or across an entire field. Artificial Lift Surveillance Centers offer 24/7 support to maximize your production efficiency, reduce well interventions, reduce capex and opex, minimize downtime, minimize deferred production, and extend lift run life.

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Lift IQ Production Life Cycle Management Service

Lift IQ Production Life Cycle Management Service
Real-time surveillance helps to prevent premature equipment failure, optimizes artificial lift systems, lowers operating costs, and increases well productivity. Visit Lift IQ Service page