Video: CTDirect Coiled Tubing Directional Drilling System

Achieve maximum reservoir contact and increase production potential

The CTDirect coiled tubing directional drilling system minimizes reservoir damage during underbalanced or managed pressure drilling. The CTDirect system includes:

  • a drill bit and motor or turbine for enhanced drilling efficiency
  • a steering assembly for continuous surveying, logging, and advanced drilling mechanics
  • an electrical orienter for continuous trajectory control.

Ideal for underbalanced and short-radius drilling, the CTDirect system allows you to produce while drilling untapped reserves in drilling applications. The system also enables you to achieve maximum reservoir contact, increase production potential, and produce while you drill.

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Directional BHA for Efficient Reentry Applications

Specifically designed to access additional reserves in thru-tubing reentry drilling applications, the CTDirect system enhances reservoir exposure and eliminates the need to remove existing completions or production tubing.