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Multizone fracturing and gravel packing in a single trip

The MZ-Xpress system allows multizone gravel and frac packing in a single trip, using multiple pumping treatments. After all zones of interest have been perforated, the downhole completion equipment is deployed, set, and tested in one trip. Individual zones are isolated and treated (gravel or frac packed) indepen-dently. Eliminating multiple trips reduces both rig time and the standby time for surface pumping equipment. Production can be either commingled or zones can be selectively produced.

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Cased Hole, Single-Trip Gravel and Frac Packing in Multiple Zones

The MZ-Xpress completion system is deployed after all zones of interest have been perforated. Individual zones are isolated and gravel or frac packed from the bottom up in a single trip, yielding significant time savings. Visit Multizone Cased Hole Completions page