Video: Integriti Platinum Solutions Demo

The video demonstrates how various events can be detected and displayed in real time. The buried fiber acts as a covert sensing element and constantly monitors for vehicle and people movements—indicated by on-screen alarm callouts—and also for unwanted or unauthorized activity, such as digging, drilling, and sawing.

The control package identifies each sound signature as a categorized threat and as sequential or singular and then ranks it accordingly. Integriti Platinum solutions have the intelligence to determine whether the activity is generated by a first, second, or third party.

In the video, a car is driving onto and around the field. A man then exits the car and walks to a stationary point before digging a hole with a pickax and a shovel. The Integriti Platinum solution package displays the activity in a geographic information system (GIS) map and as a waterfall plot analyzing time versus distance. An audio graph is also output and synchronized to the event itself. The Integriti Platinum solution tracks, monitors, filters, and displays these vibration, strain, and temperature variations, making the events available in a remote control room or on Web-enabled devices in multiple locations.

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