Video: Fulcrum Cement-Conveyed Frac Performance Technology

Improve stimulation delivery by limiting detrimental fluid migration

In modern wells with long horizontal laterals drilled using nonaqueous fluids, cementing best practices such as centralizing and moving pipe are limited or impossible. The result is poor zonal isolation and channels because of drilling mud left behind the casing.

If the wells are completed with multistage fracturing, the channels allow fracturing fluids to flow behind the casing and communicate with previously stimulated zones.

Fulcrum cement-conveyed frac performance technology improves stimulation efficiency by interacting with channeled nonaqueous drilling fluids.

The reduced mud mobility and channel permeability inhibit fracture communication behind the casing, so fractures initiate where you want them.

Improve stimulation efficiency by keeping fracturing fluid and hydraulic pressure in the intended reservoir zone.

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