Video: FracXion Fully Composite & ReacXion Dissolvable Frac Plugs

Enhancing plug-and-perf efficiency

FracXion fully composite frac plugs isolate zones in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells during multistage stimulation and are designed for milling out with minimum torque, generating cuttings that are easily circulated out of the well.

ReacXion Complete fully dissolvable frac plugs enable immediate production after plug-and-perf operations by using a dissolvable frac ball; the plugs subsequently dissolve to deliver fullbore production without milling.

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FracXion Fully Composite Frac Plugs Expedite Millout in Standard and HPHT Wells

FracXion fully composite frac plugs
Hollow metal button slips are designed to shatter during milling, further reducing millout time and debris size.