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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products Area File
Jul 2018Managed Pressure Drilling Reduces Mud Losses 83%, Increases Production 60% in Carbonate Formation MPD & UBD Low-Pressure RCDs,
Russia and Central Asia
Jul 2018Lift IQ Service and Engineered Systems Dramatically Extend ESP Run Life in Mature Field, North Sea Artificial Lift Lift IQ,
REDA Maximus,
North Sea
Jul 2018AxeBlade Diamond Element Bit Achieves Record ROP in Hard Limestone Formation  Drill Bits,
Drilling Engineering & Modeling
Middle East
Jul 2018Sinopec Uses PowerDrive Archer RSS with Near-Bit GR Imaging to Steer Drilling 100% in Pay Zone, China  Directional, MWD & LWD PowerDrive ArcherSouth and East Asia
Jul 2018ZEiTECS Shuttle System Saves USD 95,000 and 5 Days of Deferred Production to Replace ESP Artificial Lift ZEiTECS Shuttle,
South America
Jul 2018OpenPath Sequence Service Increases Oil Production by 70% in Mature Deviated Well, Kazakhstan Stimulation OpenPath Sequence,
Russia and Central Asia
Jun 2018 Gazprom Neft Increases ROP by 46%, Saves 27 Drilling Days with StingBlade and AxeBlade Bits, Russia Drill Bits,
Drilling Engineering & Modeling
Russia and Central Asia
Jun 2018First Thermal COLOSSUS Liner Hanger System Manufactured in Oman for Steam-Assisted EOR Liner Hangers COLOSSUS,
Middle East
Jun 2018Lift IQ Service Improves ESP Uptime by 33.6%, Reducing Deferred Production for NAOC Artificial Lift Lift IQWest and South Africa
Jun 2018Saturn Probe Enables Diagnosis of Water Influx During Drilling of Slim, High-Temperature Well Wireline Open Hole Saturn,
MDT Forte-HT,
InSitu Fluid Analyzer
Mexico and Central America
Jun 2018VDA Acid and Jet Blaster Service Increase Gas Production by 243% in Carbonate Well, Pakistan Stimulation Jet Blaster,
Middle East
Jun 2018Saturn Radial Probe Collects Fluid and Measures Pressure at 0.05-mD/cP Mobility in 6-in Caspian Sea Well Wireline Open Hole Saturn,
InSitu Fluid Analyzer,
Russia and Central Asia
May 2018North Sea Operator Efficiently Perforates Total 900-ft Interval in Six Tractored Wireline Runs, UK North Sea Perforating,
Wireline Intervention Services
 XR Perf,
North Sea
May 2018FORM-A-BLOK AS Pill Completely Stops Dynamic Fluid Losses, Mumbai High Drilling Fluids & Systems FORM-A-BLOK AS 
May 2018Lift IQ Service Remote Interventions Deliver 91% ESP Uptime in the Permian Basin Artificial Lift Lift IQUnited States
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