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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products Area File
Jan 2019Colorado Midstream Company Uses Apura Membranes to Meet CO2 Requirements Processing & Separation United States
Jan 2019RheGuard System with MicroBar Additive Exceeds KPIs, Enables Drilling to TD Through Narrow Hydraulic Window Drilling Fluids & Systems RheGuard,
North Sea
Jan 2019RheGuard Fluid System Improves ROP in 2,472-m, High-Angle Interval Offshore Norway Drilling Fluids & Systems RheGuard,
North Sea
Jan 2019WIReD Release Devices Enable Using Wireline Perforating to Save USD 1.3 Million, North Sea Perforating,
Wireline Intervention Services
North Sea
Jan 2019DynaForce DTX Motor Improves Drilling Performance in Highly-Interbedded and Abrasive Strata, Northern Kuwait Directional, MWD & LWD DynaForce DTXMiddle East
Dec 2018Petronas Gas Plant Reduces Costs with Dual-Core Acid Gas Removal Membranes Processing & Separation CYNARA PN-1,
South and East Asia
Dec 2018GeoSphere 475 Reservoir Mapping Service Enables Geosteering in Complex Carbonate Reservoir, Sicily Directional, MWD & LWD GeoSphere,
PowerDrive Orbit,
PeriScope HD,
Continental Europe
Dec 2018Maintaining the Secure Operating Envelope During Flowback and Completion Ends High Sand Production Well Testing AvantGuardUnited States
Nov 2018Record Gravel-Pack Interval Saves USD 60 Million by Reducing Well Count, North Sea Sand Control OptiPac,
Alternate Path,
North Sea
Nov 2018Pigging Optimization with OLGA Simulator Saves more than USD 2 Million, Western Desert, Egypt Production Software OLGANorth Africa
Nov 2018BroadBand Shield Service Prevents Frac Hits, Eliminating Sand Cleanout and Oil Deferral Concerns Stimulation BroadBand Shield,
WellWatcher Stim
United States
Nov 2018FlexSTONE Technology Improves Cement Bond to Enable Production for Operator in North Africa Cementing CemPRIME Scrub,
North Africa
Oct 2018First Deepwater MPD Integrated Solution Enables Drilling 5,302-ft Interval in One Run MPD & UBD @balance Speed 
Oct 2018Saltel Xpandable AZIP Packers Pass Tight Spots to Enable Isolation for Efficient Acidizing in Iraq Completions Products Saltel Xpandable AZIP,
Saltel annular zonal isolation packer
Middle East
Oct 2018OpenPath Reach Service Saves USD 180,000 on Offshore Acid Stimulation for Middle East Operator Stimulation Kinetix Matrix,
OpenPath Reach,
Middle East
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