Case Study: Maintenance Strategy Reduces Intervention Time by 83% and Increases Recovery, Congo

Planned, systematic maintenance enhances well safety and performance

Challenge: Improve operational performance and reduce risk after a survey revealed that about 65% of a Congo operator’s wells had integrity issues.

Solution: Implement a proactive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) maintenance program to maximize equipment performance and optimize operations.


  • Reduced intervention time by 83%.
  • Recovered more than 186,854 bbl in lost oil production per intervention.
  • Reduced inventory requirements.
  • Streamlined ordering process.
  • Increased the operator’s competitive advantage.

Demanding environment led to well integrity issues

A Congo operator faced many challenges, including multiple wellhead suppliers and inexperienced and untrained local personnel. The high pressures, high temperatures, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) found in many of the wells had also taken its toll on equipment. With many installations in the region more than 40 years old, the operator decided to conduct a survey of its entire wellhead portfolio. Results showed that more than 65% of wells had integrity issues and production was not being optimized.

Refurbishment and maintenance program optimized equipment performance

The operator contracted Cameron to inventory, maintain, and install wellheads and gate valves, as well as supply new wellheads, gate valves, and Christmas trees. Since the partnership began, wellhead and gate valve maintenance and performance on 360 wells (up to 12,000 ft deep), distributed among 10–12 offshore platforms, has undergone rigorous examination.

Reshaping the maintenance strategy involved individual plans for drilling and production. In the production segment, a Cameron coordinator and three permanent teams of service technicians oversee equipment maintenance and production gate valve spares inventory. A preventive maintenance campaign and a corrective maintenance response are managed by a dedicated coordinator, who has access to the operator’s planning, maintenance and SAP systems. A record is provided confirming that a gate valve is sealing and that internal parts have been replaced.

In the drilling segment, a Cameron supervisor anticipates all drilling and workover needs for the next 24 months. Constant contact with drilling and completion engineers helps forecast wellhead, casing hanger, drilling adapter, tubing hanger, Christmas tree, and other requirements and plan maintenance schedules.

Operator reduced intervention time and recovered lost production

The proactive maintenance program and expertise have helped the operator reduce intervention time by 83%. In addition, the operator has recovered more than 186,854 bbl of lost oil per intervention.

Download: Maintenance Strategy Reduces Intervention Time by 83% and Increases Recovery, Congo (0.60 MB PDF)

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Maintenance Strategy Reduces Intervention Time by 83% and Increases Recovery, CongoMaintenance Strategy Reduces Intervention Time by 83% and Increases Recovery, Congo
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