Case Study: ACTive TC Tool Enables Shifting of 10 ICDs in Horizontal Wells Within 6 Hours

Operator uses downhole readings for confident sliding of sleeves in well with multiple pay zones

Challenge: Gain access to inflow control devices (ICDs) present in horizontal wells with ample downhole pull to open and close sleeves and obtain conclusive real-time downhole indication to confirm actuation.

Solution: Evaluate and determine the sliding sleeve status using the ACTive TC live CT tension and compression tool’s load readings.

Result: Shifted 10 ICDs within 6 hours and performed a distributed temperature sensing (DTS) survey in the same run to evaluate opened sleeves.

Access ICDs to confirm sleeve opening

An operator needed to access ICDs in horizontal wells to confirm opening of sleeves and determine the status of the sliding sleeves during the operation. All of the ICDs were present at 90° deviation in the completions, with the last one present at a depth of 11,477 ft [3,498 m]. A wireline tractor equipped with ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service for a ResFlow inflow control device was run in this well to open the lCD sleeves, to depths of up to 8,359 ft [2,548 m].

Use real-time measurements for dog collar status

The operator selected ACTive TC tools to access the ICDs beyond the initial depths achieved by the ReSOLVE service. Using real-time downhole tools, the depth of the CT was correlated to the position of ICDs using the casing collar locator feature of the ACTive TC tool. While pumping through the shifting tool, differential pressure measurements across the shifting tool provided information on the status of the tool’s dog collars and whether they were open or not. Once the dog collars were confirmed to be open, the shifting tool was moved up and latched onto the ICD sleeve.

Shifted 10 ICDs within 6 hours

An overpull measurement of about 6,000 to 7,000 lbf [26,689 to 31,138 N] on the downhole tension compression tool provided increased confidence in shifting operation. A sudden drop in the downhole pull indicated the completion of the shifting of the ICD. Tension and compression provided the exact amount of force needed to the ICDs and produced a clear spike on the plots, even during confirmation passes. A total of 10 ICDs were shifted within 6 hours and a DTS survey evaluated the opened sleeves.

Download: ACTive TC Tool Enables Shifting of 10 ICDs in Horizontal Wells Within 6 Hours (0.18 MB PDF)

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ACTive TC Tool Accesses ICDs in Horizontal Wells

ACTive TC tools in horizontal wells.
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