Case Study: Operator in India Stimulates Multizone Well Selectively Without Intervention

IntelliZone Compact modular zonal management system saves operator USD 1 million within 2 months

Challenge: Eliminate time-consuming interventions required in typical multizone completions, retain independent control of three zones, and use already purchased equipment.

Solution: Complete the well with the IntelliZone Compact modular zonal management system, using a single hydraulic control line for three zones and the existing wellhead equipment.

Result: Selectively stimulated zones, avoided interventions, optimized production at 165% of the originally expected rate, and saved USD 1 M within the first 2 months.

Create multizone completion design

An operator offshore India planned to complete a multizone well with either sliding sleeves or surface-controlled flow control equipment. For this triple-zone completion design, however, the sliding sleeves would have required intervention to shift, and the number of surface control lines needed for the flow control equipment outnumbered the available penetrations on the existing wellhead equipment. The need to eliminate interventions and use the existing equipment made the sliding sleeves and traditional flow control completions impossible.

Stimulate well

To bring the well online, the zones required acid stimulation. With the sliding sleeve design, the operator would have needed to acidize all the zones simultaneously or to deploy coiled tubing to manipulate the individual sleeves in each zone. Deploying coiled tubing would have added 3 weeks to the schedule and thus, again, rendered this option impractical and too costly to pursue. Applying the acid treatment to all the zones at once would have unevenly treated only the most permeable zone, leaving the other two zones untreated. On the other hand, selecting one zone at a time would ensure that every zone was properly treated.

Install IntelliZone Compact system

To meet the original design criterion of using the existing wellhead equipment, Schlumberger recommended its IntelliZone Compact modular zonal management system. This system integrates a flow control valve, an optional pressure and temperature monitoring system with valve position sensing, an optional multidrop module, and a packer. The optional multidrop module allows more flow control valves to be actuated on fewer hydraulic control lines than with traditional flow control completions and to be controlled from the surface in real time without intervention.

The Schlumberger IntelliZone Compact systems were deployed, each with one cased-hole packer and two swellable packers. By using these systems, the operator was able to selectively control all three zones with a single hydraulic line.

Control line pressure applied at the surface actuated the appropriate valves necessary to perform the acid treatment selectively. Treating the specific zones individually allowed for optimal stimulation—without the need for a rig or coiled-tubing intervention.

Saved USD 1 million within first 2 months

Use of the IntelliZone Compact system instead of the sliding sleeves or the traditional flow control completion enabled the operator to meet its critical design objectives. The multidrop capability eliminated three of the four control lines required with a traditional flow control completion yet provided selective control of all three zones, allowing for the most effective acid treatment. It also eliminated the need for the rig and coiled-tubing intervention, saving a total of 3 weeks. As a result, the operator optimized production at 165% of the originally expected rate and saved USD 1 million within the first 2 months.

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