Case Study: Achieve Maximum Productivity

Anadarko uses Schlumberger safety valves in ultradeepwater Gulf of Mexico field

Challenge: Install a safety valve system at 12,500 ft, deeper than any installed before.

Solution: Selected the proven Schlumberger TRC-II low operating pressure system design.

Result: Successfully installed the TRC-II safety system at 12,500 ft.

Record depths

The Merganser field is 180 miles south of Mobile, Alabama, in the Gulf of Mexico. Development of the ultradeepwater field required installing a subsurface safety system at 12,500 ft, deeper than any previously installed. The system had to ensure environmental protection and be effective and cost-efficient.

Proven system design

Operator Anadarko conducted a detailed review of the products available. The team selected the Schlumberger ultradeepwater TRC-II safety valves to ensure maximum production and well integrity. The TRC-II valve was chosen because of the highly successful track record of the TRC series of safety valves. Not one TRC series valve of the 250 installed in the Gulf of Mexico has mechanically failed after initial installation. And over the lives of all these wells, only one valve experienced a problem, when metal particles caused a leak in a ball check valve that had been pulled twice for nonsafety-valve related workovers. The TRC-II low-operating-pressure system design allows full bore access and maximum flow rates with the security of an at-the-ready proven emergency well shut-in system.

Successful installation

Anadarko installed two API-monogrammed 10,000-psi working pressure TRC-II safety valves at the record depth without installation or operational anomalies. Anadarko plans to use these systems in other deepwater Gulf of Mexico wells.

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The TRC-II series safety valves perform effectively at depths where other technologies are ineffec tive. These valves can be run at depths greater then 12,000 ft, and provide complete operating redundancy.
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