Case Study: TOTAL Nigeria Makes Proactive Deepwater Well Placement Decisions

Running EcoScope LWD and PeriScope bed boundary mapper for early detection of formation changes

Challenge: Drill 377 m of sand separated in two parts while minimizing exits.

Solution: Use PeriScope bed boundary mapper for proactive well placement and EcoScope multifunction LWD service for better reservoir characterization and unique, advanced measurements.

Result: Drilled well path with minimal exits, maximizing reservoir contact, limiting wellbore tortuosity, and optimizing production.

Proactive well placement needed

Drilling a single development well with two targets separated by a fault in deep water proved difficult for TOTAL Nigeria PLC. The well needed 377 m drilled in the main sand body, which is split in two parts by the main fault. With the high dips and undulating nature of the structure, drilling a smooth well path suitable for completions operations did not seem feasible to the company. Proactive well placement decisions would be key in minimizing reservoir exits, making it necessary to go beyond conventional well placement strategies.

New LWD technologies implemented

TOTAL Nigeria decided to use the PeriScope bed boundary mapper from Schlumberger to enhance the well placement of the well and cost-effectively drain the reservoir. With tilted and transverse current loop antennas, directional electromagnetic (EM) technology was used to detect formation changes early in the drilling process. The EcoScope service provided measurements for reservoir characterization. At only 26 ft in length, this service took resistivity, density, neutron porosity, spectroscopy, sigma, and APWD annular pressure-while-drilling measurements all in one collar.

Well steered without exit

Using these LWD technologies, TOTAL Nigeria was able to identify changes in the formation early, allowing alterations to be made to the well path so that exiting from the reservoir was minimal. The upper and lower conductive shale boundaries were found, and the well was successfully steered in the challenging environment. The adjustments translated into maximized reservoir contact, limited wellbore tortuosity, and optimized production.

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TOTAL Nigeria Makes Proactive Deepwater Well Placement DecisionsTOTAL Nigeria Makes Proactive Deepwater Well Placement Decisions
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