Case Study: Continuous Monitoring Enables Successful Completion in Tight Anti-collision Zone

Operation Support Center Supports Directional Driller in Close Proximity Environment in Malaysia

Challenge: Drill 18 1/2-in hole section in anti-collision zone.

Solution: Use OSC interactive drilling operations to provide 24-hour monitoring and support for the directional driller.

Result: Successfully completed the anti-collision zone while keeping the well in the safe drilling window.

Drilling in anti-collision zone

An operator drilling an 18 1/2-in hole section in Malaysia faced a difficult anti-collision challenge because the well was close to three other offset wells and the area was known for poor build response. For safety purposes, the drilling plan had to be designed with tight tolerance no-go lines.

Continuous monitoring

The Schlumberger OSC team was called in to provide 24-hour monitoring, allowing the directional driller to remain more engaged on the rig floor. Continuous monitoring would also reduce time required for projections and steering decisions. During drilling, the angle could not be brought to vertical, and the OSC expert projected that a hard line could be crossed.

Successful completion

The directional driller was able to stay focused on the rig floor while the OSC team performed remote monitoring and projections. With this information, the operator stopped operations to redesign the drilling plan with a new inclination. Then, drilling continued with both the rig crew and the OSC team continuously monitoring the ROP, magnetic interference in the surveys, and shocks and vibrations. With continuous monitoring, the well section was completed in the safe drilling window, successfully avoiding a potential collision.

Download: Continuous Monitoring Enables Successful Completion in Tight Anti-collision Zone (0.75 MB PDF)

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Continuous Monitoring Enables Successful Completion in Tight Anticollision Zone
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