Case Study: Support Center Intervention Avoids POOH in China’s Liaohe Field

Collaboration allows drilling to continue while pressure issues are resolved

Challenge: Avoid pulling out of hole (POOH) after surface pressure increased abnormally in China’s Liaohe oil field.

Solution: Monitor and analyze drilling mechanics log at Schlumberger Operation Support Center, collaborate with rig crew to check surface equipment, and provide real-time technical support.

Result: Determined that cuttings and debris plugging the pump and filter was the cause of the pressure issues, changed mud pit and optimized mud property, and drilled to section TD in one run, avoiding POOH.

Drilling in China’s Liaohe field

PetroChina Company Limited, the largest oil and natural gas producer and supplier in China, was drilling a land well in the Liaohe oil field, a giant field that has been in production since 1955. During the first run for the well, the wellsite engineer reported an abnormal increase in surface pressure. The proposed solution reported to the OSC engineer was to pull the BHA out because of the risks involved.

Monitoring and analyzing the drilling log

After carefully analyzing the drilling mechanics log, the OSC engineer noted that the turbine rpm had remained stable and the MWD signal was good throughout the drilling process, so it was not an MWD tool jam or plug issue. Furthermore, the standpipe pressure increased after drilling ahead but reverted back to normal after long-time circulation, so the chance of motor chunk or bit nozzle plug was unlikely. Based on the analysis above, the conclusion was made that it was not a BHA-related problem.

The OSC engineer then contacted the rig crew and suggested that they check surface equipment, especially the mud pump, and resume drilling while closely monitoring surface pressure and turbine rpm. The rig crew determined from this that mud was causing the problem because the mud pump suction side and the pipe screen filter were getting plugged by cuttings and debris that were not being filtered out of the system.

Drilling to TD in one run

After switching to a clean mud pit, drilling resumed and the surface pressure remained normal while drilling to 705 m MD. The section was drilled to TD in one run, avoiding POOH and saving rig costs.

Download: Support Center Intervention Avoids POOH in China’s Liaohe Field (1.29 MB PDF)

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Support Center Intervention Avoids POOH in China’s Liaohe Field
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