Case Study: PowerDrive Archer RSS Achieves High Build Rate in Polish Shale Gas Well

High build rate RSS lands well in one run for Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe in Gazownictwo (PGNiG)

Challenge: Drill 8 1/2-in curve section with high dogleg severity (DLS) to land shale gas well through a sequence of formations.

Solution: Use Schlumberger directional drilling services to run a BHA incorporating PowerDrive Archer high build rate rotary steerable system (RSS) and a directional MDi616 PDC drill bit.

Result: Landed high DLS curve section at 12°/30 m, achieving better performance than planned. Achieved average ROP of 14 m/h.

Achieve high DLS in shale gas well

Landing a shale gas well that Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo (PGNiG) planned to drill in Poland’s Lubocino field required building a curve from vertical to 90° with a consistent DLS of 8°/30 m. Achieving that high DLS would be challenging because the curve had to be drilled through a sequence of formations where steering with conventional motors had proven difficult.

Land curve at required TVD

In certain unconventional, high-efficiency environments such as the Lubocino field, Schlumberger tools and technologies are offered through Schlumberger. As the service provider, Schlumberger selected a BHA for this operation that combined a 63/4-in PowerDrive Archer RSS and an 8 1/2-in MDi616 directional PDC bit from Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company.

After kicking off the well from vertical, the PowerDrive Archer RSS built inclination to 90° on a 200° azimuth. When transitions from one formation to another caused the build rate to drop, the PowerDrive Archer RSS’s ability to achieve a DLS of up to 15°/30 m allowed correcting the trajectory to land the curve at the required TVD.

After finishing the 344-m curve section to land the well, the PowerDrive Archer BHA drilled 136 m of the horizontal section before being pulled out of the hole to run an LWD BHA. That BHA, which incorporated a PowerDrive X6* RSS, drilled the lateral section the rest of the way to TD in just one run.

Eliminate flat time

The PowerDrive Archer BHA achieved an average ROP of 14 m/h and drilled a total of 480 m in a single 34.7-h run. Use of the high build rate RSS eliminated the flat time for sliding and orientation that drilling the curve with a motor would have required, and the PDC bit enabled all the desired steering responses to be achieved. The result was a smooth wellbore with a consistent DLS.

Download: Power Drive Archer RSS Achieves High Build Rate in Polish Shale Gas Well (0.62 MB PDF)

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RSS Eliminates Flat Time, and Lands High-DLS Curve

Chart shows ROP averaged 14 m/h with the PowerDrive Archer BHA.Chart shows well path: planned and actual.
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"We were happy to run the first Archer job in Europe and are impressed by the tool performance."
Maciej Stygar
Drilling Engineering Team Lead