Case Study: EcoScope Service Delivers Data to Optimize Horizontal Penetration to 1,532 ft MD in Gulf of Suez

Real-time data and high-quality images increase production from mature reservoir to 2,000 bbl/d

Challenge: Optimize production from horizontal offshore well with high structural dip uncertainty and subseismic faults.

Solution: Use EcoScope multifunction logging-while-drilling service to obtain high-quality azimuthal data for real-time geosteering decisions.

Result: Reached 1,532 ft MD with 100% reservoir exposure. Began producing 2,000 bbl/d, making the well the largest oil producer

Evaluate challenging offshore sandstone reservoir

In evaluating the production potential of mature wells in the challenging East Zeit field in Egypt’s Gulf of Suez, the East Zeit Oil Company (Zeitco) was planning to drill a horizontal well targeting a challenging sandstone reservoir. Subseismic faults and high formation dip uncertainty required penetrating at least 500 ft with an optimum penetration of 1,600 ft MD. An offset well had been drilled and logged in 1975, indicating that the formation dip was expected to be 6° at the landing point. However, Zeitco was not confident about this early data.

Obtain close-to-the-bit measurements in real time

To obtain measurements as close to the bit as possible for better decision making, Zeitco opted to use EcoScope multifunction LWD service. EcoScope real-time images indicated that the formation dip was 20° at the landing depth rather than 6°. Using this information, the company made the decision to build the angle from 90° to 93° to reach 590 ft MD before the well hit the bottom of the reservoir. EcoScope images also revealed subseismic faults, which required changing the reservoir dip and depth.

Reach optimum penetration depth, increase oil production

Using the data provided by the EcoScope service, Zeitco was able to make real-time geosteering decisions and reach 1,532 ft MD with 100% reservoir exposure. The well began producing 2,000 bbl/d of oil, making this well the biggest producer in what was considered a depleted reservoir.

Download: EcoScope Service Delivers Data to Optimize Horizontal Penetration to 1,532 ft MD in Gulf of Suez (0.50 MB PDF)

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Geosteering Service Reveals Subseismic Faults in Mature Reservoir

Data example shows the EcoScope real-time images indicated a formation dip of 20° at the landing depth.Data example shows subsurface model before geosteering.Data example shows subsurface model after geosteering.
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