Case Study: PTTEP Eliminates BHA Trip and Gyro Run, Saving 12 Rig Hours in 204-degC Well Offshore Thailand

TeleScope ICE ultraHT MWD service reduces operational cost by USD 167,000

Challenge: Drill a deviated well with a static reservoir temperature above 200 degC [392 degF] in one run using real-time surveys and formation evaluation data.

Solution: Use TeleScope ICE ultraHT MWD service to optimally place the well, minimize collision risk, and eliminate additional trips.


  • Eliminated one BHA trip and one gyro run, saving USD 167,000.
  • Reached total depth in one run.
  • Acquired directional and inclination surveys for well placement in reservoir with maximum temperature of 204 degC [400 degF].

Find more efficient way to develop ultraHT wells

PTT Exploration and Production Company Limited (PTTEP) drills more than 50 gas wells each year with static reservoir temperatures greater than 200 degC. These ultraHT wells are located in the shallow water of the Gulf of Thailand and are typically deviated. The established method for developing ultraHT wells in this field involves drilling until a circulating temperature of 175 degC [347 degF] is reached and tripping out of hole to remove measurement technologies to protect electronic components. The remainder of the well section is drilled blindly to TD, followed by a gyro trip to determine the location of the wellbore.

While planning the 6 1/8-in section of a ultraHT well in the Arthit field, PTTEP began searching for a more efficient method of developing its ultraHT wells.

Obtain real-time downhole measurements with ultraHT MWD service

Schlumberger recommended using the TeleScope ICE ultraHT MWD service, a high-speed telemetry service designed to obtain real-time downhole measurements in harsh drilling conditions. Using proprietary ultraHT-rated electronics that are ruggedized for extreme temperatures, the TeleScope ICE service operates normally at 200 degC. This capability enables real-time well placement and would eliminate the BHA trip and gyro run that PTTEP typically performs.

Drilled 204-degC well to TD in one run, saving two trips and USD 167,000

In its first field run, the TeleScope ICE service performed reliably in reservoir temperatures of 204 degC and circulating temperature of 186 degC [367 degF]. Despite these harsh drilling conditions, PTTEP obtained real-time downhole measurements and drilled the well to total depth in one run. By eliminating a BHA trip and a gyro run, PTTEP saved 12 hours of rig time and decreased operational costs by USD 167,000.

Download: PTTEP Eliminates BHA Trip and Gyro Run, Saving 12 Rig Hours in 204-degC Well Offshore Thailand (0.12 MB PDF)

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Eliminating Additional Trips Saves 12 Hours

PTTEP Eliminates BHA Trip and Gyro Run, Saving 12 Rig Hours in 204-degC Well Offshore Thailand
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Real-Time Data Delivery in Extreme Temperatures

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The proprietary electronics in the TeleScope ICE service have been verified to 200 degC [392 degF] and 2,000,000 shocks for 35,000 hours.
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