Case Study: DynaForce TT Motor Helps Complete 12-Hour Milling Job in 325-degF Haynesville Shale Reservoir

Advanced motor replaces conventional motors, enables milling 14 frac plugs in high-temperature environment, East Texas

Challenge: Complete a frac plug milling job in a high-temperature (HT) environment with bottomhole temperature reaching 325 degF [163 degC] without compromising motor performance and without requiring more than one motor.

Solution: Use a Schlumberger thru-tubing motor dressed with high-torque power section with proprietary NBR-HR elastomer to successfully complete the job.


  • Milled 14 frac plugs at 325 degF in less than 6 hours and withstood 6 additional hours of well circulation.
  • Demonstrated full functionality during surface testing after POOH.

Mill frac plugs in extreme HT shale reservoir

A coiled tubing services company needed to mill 14 frac plugs in a Haynesville Shale well with bottomhole temperature reaching 325 degF. The company had previously attempted to complete similar jobs using conventional motors, which proved unsuccessful because the stators developed extreme chunking within 3 hours.

Use thru-tubing motor with rugged elastomer

Schlumberger recommended using its high-torque 2 7/8-in DynaForce TT thru-tubing motor dressed with 5/6 7.0 power section with an NBR-HR elastomer with a loose fit, achieved by installing an oversized stator (1OS) and a double-undersized rotor (2US). The NBR-HR elastomer has a controlled expansion ratio and holds excellent hardness at high temperatures to deliver optimal power while minimizing the risk of premature chunking. The specially formulated adhesive enables the motor to withstand such high temperatures in water-base fluid environments to virtually eliminate any debonding issue.

Complete milling objectives in hostile environment

The motor fully milled the 14 plugs, averaging 24 minutes per plug. It then sustained an extra 6 hours of well circulation before the BHA was POOH. At surface, the thru-tubing motor passed a postjob test that confirmed full functionality. No chunking was present after disassembling the power section.

Download: DynaForce TT Motor Helps Complete 12-Hour Milling Job in 325-degF Haynesville Shale Reservoir (0.43 MB PDF)

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Thru-Tubing Motor Helps Complete 12-Hour Milling Job in 325-degF Haynesville Shale Reservoir
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