Case Study: LWD Thin-Bed Analysis Identifies 60% More Deepwater Reserves

Magnetic resonance while drilling delivers thin-bed analysis revealing two additional pay zones offshore Africa

Challenge: Evaluate laminated sand–shale sequences in a complex reservoir offshore Africa.

Solution: Use proVISION Plus magnetic resonance while drilling to provide a thin-bed analysis.


  • Logged high-quality petrophysical data in a single run, characterizing two laminated sand–shale sequences.
  • Achieved 60% increase in calculated reserves by identifying two new pay zones.

Analyze complex sandstone reservoir in deep water

An operator drilling a deepwater well offshore Africa needed to evaluate potential pay zones in a thinly bedded sandstone reservoir. Because of good vertical connectivity, thinly bedded sandstone reservoirs can contribute to increased well production. However, evaluating potential pay zones within individual sandstone layers is challenging in such complex reservoirs.

Evaluate porosity using thin-bed analysis

Using the proVISION Plus magnetic resonance (MR) service, a thin-bed analysis was performed to interpret the porosity directly relating to well performance. This analysis would help in evaluating the well’s reservoir volumes and capturing the contribution of each pore system.

Increase calculated reserves 60% offshore Africa

The thin-bed analysis provided advanced interpretation of the deepwater reservoir’s porosity. The relaxation T2 distribution information provided by proVISION Plus MR while drilling enabled characterizing the two laminated sand–shale sequences, resulting in a 60% increase in calculated reserves. Net to gross and continuous permeability were also estimated for perforation interval selection and completion design optimization.

Download: LWD Thin-Bed Analysis Identifies 60% More Deepwater Reserves (2.90 MB PDF)

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Complete Volumetric Analysis Reveals Pay Zones in Sand-Shale Sequences

The proVISION Plus MR log helps characterize two additional laminated sand–shale sequences.Data showing thin-bed analysis in a deepwater sandstone reservoir.
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