Case Study: Engineered BHA Saves Total E&P 8 Days, USD 8 Million off AFE, Offshore Australia

Integrated system drills each section of wildcat well in one run, Browse basin

Challenge: Drill two sections of an exploration well in hard, interbedded formations with unpredictable pore pressure while staying under AFE budget in a high-cost offshore environment.

Solution: Engineer a drilling system incorporating technologies of Smith Bits, Geoservices, and M-I SWACO, all Schlumberger companies.

Result: Drilled two sections in one run each with minimal shock and vibration and stick/slip, saving 8 days and USD 8 million off AFE.

Improve drilling efficiency in high-cost offshore environment 

Total E&P Australia planned to drill two sections of an exploration well in Browse basin, offshore west Australia, while staying within the AFE budget with spread rates of USD 1.5 million a day. The well was beneath 368 m of water in the hard, interbedded Jamieson formation. The well was also characterized by unpredictable pore pressure regime, which can result in a narrow mud weight window and require additional casing strings. 

Maximize drilling performance with engineered BHA 

An engineered BHA incorporating the technologies from Schlumberger was recommended for drilling the wildcat well. To provide a stable dynamic drilling condition, the i-DRILL integrated dynamic system analysis service was used to configure the BHA and surface operating parameters, which reduced shock and vibration. Using the IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform, SHARC high-abrasion resistance PDC drill bits with ONYX II premium PDC cutters from Smith Bits were selected to improve drillbit stability. The bit was run with a Borrox AP advanced-performance sealed-bearing reamer to minimize stick/slip and Rhino XS hydraulically expandable reamers to decrease drillstring vibration during borehole enlargement operations. To address pore pressure uncertainty, the NOVATEC synthetic-base mud system from M-I SWACO was tested with different formulations to ensure its suitability for the well condition. In addition, the Reserval quantitative gas measurement service and DSM700 mud-density measurement tools from Geoservices were used to monitor high-resolution mud measurements caused by complex pore pressure challenges, providing the foundation for drilling optimization, well control, and pore pressure modeling. 

Drilled each section in one run, saving 8 days and USD 8 million 

The engineered BHA drilled each section in one run with minimal stick/slip and shock and vibration. The first section was drilled to 675 m in 3.5 days, which saved 4 days off AFE. The operation was completed 1.5 days before the technical limit. The second section took 7 days to drill 1,170 m, saving another 4 days off AFE and 1.5 days off the technical limit. As a result, the operator saved a total of 8 days and USD 8 million.

Download: Engineered BHA Saves Total E&P 8 Days, USD 8 Million off AFE, Offshore Australia (0.06 MB PDF)

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Operator Saves a Total of 8 Days and USD 8 Million

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