Case Study: Lukoil Drills Record 8 1/2-in Horizontal Section in North Caspian Sea, Saving 29 Days off AFE

Integrated drilling services execute lateral in one run, increase average ROP 61.7%

Challenge: Drill extended-reach horizontal well to maximize reservoir exposure in 8 1/2-in section.

Solution: Combine PowerDrive X6 rotary steerable system (RSS) with MDSi716 SHARC high-abrasion-resistance PDC drill bit and MEGADRIL one-drum drilling-fluid system to maximize drilling efficiency through challenging lateral.

Result: Set record for longest 8 1/2-in horizontal section in Russia with length of 3,770 m. Increased ROP 61.7% and drilled section in a single run; drilling efficiency ultimately saved 29 days off AFE.

Maximize reservoir exposure in Korchagin field

Lukoil, one of the biggest oil and gas producers in Russia, is developing the Yuri Korchagin field of the North Caspian Sea. Projects in this oil field have used extended-reach drilling practices from shallow platforms to fully exploit the 58 km2 reservoir area with TVD of 1,560 m. To maximize drilling efficiency on its next extended-reach well in the field, Lukoil continued to work with Schlumberger for integrated project management that would incorporate directional drilling, MLWD, and drilling fluids.

Integrate drilling system to optimize drilling efficiency

For drilling a long lateral section, Schlumberger provided the PowerDrive X6 RSS and a MDSi716 SHARC high-abrasion-resistance PDC bit with ONYX PDC cutters. The team selected the MEGADRIL drilling-fluid system to optimize drilling efficiency and hole cleaning. With this oil-base mud system, the challenging lateral could be drilled in one run without wiper trips, maintaining stability in reactive shales that can cause problems for tripping and rotating. The bit and drilling-fluid systems were provided respectively by Smith Bits and M-I SWACO, which are Schlumberger companies.

Schlumberger monitored torque and drag trends against roadmaps to analyze hole conditions for quick decisions on connection, tripping, and drilling practices. The torque-and-drag roadmaps were evaluated continuously to determine the number of pipe reciprocations, which helped engineers optimize the circulating and reciprocating time.

Set record for longest 8½-in lateral section in Russia

The horizontal section of Well P-116 was drilled to a length of 3,770 m, setting a record for an 8 1/2-in horizontal section in productive formation in Russia. The 2,098–5,868-m MD (1,564–1,565-m TVD) lateral interval was drilled with 55-m/h average ROP in one run—with no bit, BHA, or wiper trips. Lukoil’s plan was to drill this section in two runs with an intermediate trip to change the rotary steerable and MWD tool. Drilling the section in one run avoided an additional round trip, saving approximately 72 hours of platform operating time.

Download: Lukoil Drills Record 8 1/2-in Horizontal Section in North Caspian Sea, Saving 29 Days off AFE (0.54 MB PDF)

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