Case Study: Operator Underreams Consecutive 12,000-ft Intervals with Rhino XS2 Reamers, Onshore Alaska

Full-cycle expandable reamer achieves section TDs in one run and enables ROPs greater than 100 ft/h in high-angle wells

Challenge: Underream while drilling two sections of a high-angle, extended-reach well in one run per section through interbedded sand and shale formations.

Solution: Deploy the Rhino XS2 full-cycle expandable reamer in a BHA optimized using HART hydraulic optimization software and IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform.


  • Underreamed while drilling at high angles to TD.
  • Maintained ROP of greater than 100 ft/h on consecutive runs.
  • Broke world records for the longest interval lengths in the 9 7/8-in x 11-in hole size for the Rhino XS2 reamer.

Underream while drilling a high-angle, extended-reach well

An operator onshore Alaska needed to underream a high-angle, extended-reach well while drilling through interbedded sand and shale formations. The reamer would be required to build from 53° to 80° inclination and turn to 51° while maintaining a dogleg severity (DLS) of 3.5°/100 ft. Additionally, the well plan required a high average ROP and the deactivation of the reamer at the final enlargement section TD. The most challenging underreaming would occur during the section’s build and turn, where the reamer would need to drill through an unstable shale formation at a high angle. Because of the remote location of the well, it was important to the operator to complete the section in a single run.

Optimize reamer and BHA compatibility ahead of tool deployment

Schlumberger suggested the operator run the Rhino XS2 reamer due to its advanced cutting structure and ability to deactivate upon reaching section TD. By using the IDEAS platform, the operator was able to achieve optimized drilling BHA dynamics and determine bit, reamer, RSS, and measurement tool compatibility. This design process eliminates costly trial-and-error testing while helping ensure improved tool longevity, reduced stick/slip, decreased shock and vibration, and maximum ROP. Additionally, HART software enabled the operator to run drilling hydraulics simulations ahead of field deployment.

Achieved ROP greater than 100 ft/h and set underreaming section length records By using the Rhino XS2 reamer, the operator was able to reach section TD in a single run while maintaining an acceptable ROP of greater than 100 ft/h. On subsequent runs, the reamer was used to drill section lengths greater than 12,000 ft on a consistent basis.

The lengths of the underreamed sections were 12,031 and 12,737 ft, which represent new section length world records for the 9 7/8-in x 11-in hole size using the Rhino XS2 reamer. The previous section length record for the Rhino XS2 reamer was 11,941 ft.

Download: Operator Underreams Consecutive 12,000-ft Intervals with Rhino XS2 Reamers, Onshore Alaska (0.09 MB PDF)

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"We’ve had great success with the Rhino XS2 reamer. We’ve continued to push the limits of the tool—both in terms of run length and drilling param-eters—and it repeatedly delivers. Leveraging tools like the IDEAS platform, we’ve dialed in our BHA design and taken our on-bottom performance to the next level."
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Underreaming-while-drilling operation

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Operator Underreams Consecutive 12,000-ft Intervals with Rhino XS2 Reamers, Onshore Alaska
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