Case Study: Equion Energia Saves 6.1 Rig Days and USD 928,000 Using Customized HEWD BHA in Llanos Foothills

Rhino XC on-demand hydraulically actuated reamer successfully enlarges hole in Carbonera formation, Colombia

Challenge: Minimize the time spent tripping in and out of the hole, and reduce wiper trip time before running the casing, while improving hole quality.

Solution: Run the Rhino XC on-demand hydraulically actuated reamer as simulated using i-DRILL engineered drilling system design.


  • Maintained hole quality and reduced stuck pipe risk in an enlarged 13 3/4-in hole.
  • Increased the speed of the trip in (44%) and trip out (175%).
  • Saved 6.1 rig days and USD 928,000.

Maintain optimal conditions during HEWD

Equion Energia was drilling in the foothills of Colombia’s Carbonera formation, which is composed of mudstone, siltstone, and sandstone. The operator needed to enlarge the 12 1/4-in section to 13 3/4 in. The objectives for this operation included minimizing wiper trips and preventing stuck pipe while ensuring hole quality.

Improve performance through simulation

For this operation, Schlumberger recommended running a Rhino XC on-demand hydraulically actuated reamer. The BHA and reamer solution was simulated using i-DRLL design to ascertain the drilling parameters that would achieve optimal vibration levels during each run, allowing Equion Energia to eliminate wiper trips, maintain quality of the well, and facilitate casing runs to save rig time and costs.

With a one-piece design that increases torque and load-carrying capacity while reducing drillinggenerated vibrations, the Rhino XC reamer is suitable for a variety of formations where simultaneous drilling and hole-enlargement is required. The reamer is enabled by a ream-on-demand actuation system, which allows for infinite open and close cycles during selective underreaming.

Maintained drilling efficiency

Equion Energia drilled and enlarged the hole, while maintaining hole quality and preventing stuck pipe, with results consistent with previous parameters maintained through the ream-on-demand actuation system index. The section was drilled smoothly, with no packoff events and reduced drag. By eliminating wiper trip sand time spent on casing runs, the Rhino XC reamer helped Equion Energia save 6.1 rig days and approximately USD 928,000. Based on these results, the operator is evaluating the possibility of performing similar runs in other wells.

Download: Equion Energia Saves 2 Rig Days and USD 300,000 Using Customized HEWD BHA in Llanos Foothills (0.46 MB PDF)

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