Case Study: Resistivity-Independent Spectroscopy Determines Total Organic Carbon for Accurate Bitumen Volume

Litho Scanner high-definition spectroscopy service quantifies key elements for determining TOC of highly heterogeneous Grosmont dolomite

Challenge: Confidently calculate bitumen volume in place for the vuggy, heterogeneous Grosmont dolomite as the basis for estimating oil reserves.

Solution: Run Litho Scanner high-definition spectroscopy service to measure elemental concentrations for determining total organic carbon (TOC) that is independent of formation water salinity.

Result: Accurately determined the Grosmont bitumen saturation based on the TOC content as confirmed by laboratory core measurements.

Hydrocarbon saturation in a complex formation

The highly heterogeneous mineralogy and porosity of the Grosmont Formation in Alberta, Canada, make it difficult to accurately determine the TOC content for estimating the bitumen volume. Conventional approaches based on resistivity logging or carbon-to-oxygen ratios introduce many uncertainties arising from the Grosmont’s highly variable lithology and the effects of enhanced oil recovery on the formation water salinity and resistivity.

Accurate measurement of elements for TOC determination

Litho Scanner high-definition spectroscopy service employs both inelastic and capture gamma ray spectroscopy to quantify elemental weight fractions. The direct measurement of formation carbon coupled with an assessment of inorganic carbon from the mineralogy results in a robust, accurate TOC determination that is independent of formation water salinity and does not require core calibration or previous knowledge of the kerogen type or maturity.

Quantified bitumen volume

The accuracy of the bitumen volume based on the TOC determined with Litho Scanner service is confirmed by comparison with core measurements. The measured dry-weight elements and the resulting mineralogy, TOC, and hydrocarbon saturation from Litho Scanner service measurements are in excellent agreement with core measurements. Litho Scanner service is also quite timely, not requiring sampling operations and then the wait for results from laboratory core analysis.

Download: Resistivity-Independent Spectroscopy Determines Total Organic Carbon for Accurate Bitumen Volume (1.18 MB PDF)

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Accurate Bitumen Volume in Complex Lithology

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