Case Study: Imaging and Fluid Sampling Improve Fractured Reservoir Characterization

FMI microimager and MDT tester assess reservoir potential in low-porosity, highly fractured carbonate formations in Val d’Agri field, Italy

Challenge: Improve reservoir characterization in the Val d’Agri field, where conventional openhole logging methods could not completely evaluate the highly fractured carbonates.

Solution: Acquire FMI fullbore formation microimager images to identify fractures and intervals to be isolated with the Dual-Packer Module for fluid sampling using the MDT modular formation dynamics tester.

Result: Designed more effective completions based on greater understanding of the fluid distribution and reservoir characteristics.

Assess reservoir potential

Eni wanted to better assess the reservoir potential of highly fractured carbonate formations in the Val d’Agri oil field. Reservoir production was not meeting expectations, but conventional openhole logging methods could not provide a complete evaluation. The low porosity of the fractured carbonates made resistivity readings consistently high, and detailed information about fracture productivity was difficult to obtain.

Interpret images to guide fluid sampling

High-resolution images made by the FMI fullbore formation microimager were used to distinguish fracture types, pinpoint intervals with higher natural fracture density, and determine zones for testing with the MDT modular formation dynamics tester. Specific fracture networks were isolated with the two inflatable packers of the Dual-Packer Module, which can be set at intervals from 3 to 11 ft apart. Pressure measurements and fluid samples were obtained to accurately characterize previously undefined fluid gradients and improve understanding of fluid distribution in the carbonates. All MDT tester operations, including packer inflation, real-time pressure measurement, and sample chamber filling, were controlled from the surface via wireline.

Enhance completion design

The permeability and skin values obtained for the fractures isolated by the Dual-Packer Module for investigation with the MDT tester helped Eni improve near-wellbore reservoir characterization. In addition, new insight into oil properties and oil/water contacts facilitated the implementation of more effective completion designs.

Download: Improve Near-Wellbore Reservoir Characterization (0.09 MB PDF)

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