Case Study: Cased Hole Fluid Sampling in Deepwater Well Saves USD 2 Million

MDT modular formation dynamics tester acquires samples faster than well testing, Nigeria

Challenge: Acquire representative fluid samples from two zones in a cased well drilled offshore Nigeria in 6,000 ft of water.

Solution: Obtain single-phase fluid samples with the MDT modular formation dynamics tester using the Dual-Packer Module.

Result: Saved about USD 2 million in rig time by acquiring six samples with the MDT tester instead of deploying conventional well testing equipment.

Openhole sampling failure

Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited (SDWPL), a wholly owned affiliate of Texaco, logged an exploration well drilled in 6,000 ft of water offshore Nigeria, but the 17-in hole size and unconsolidated formation prevented conducting openhole sampling.

Cased hole sampling successful in two deepwater zones

After 13 3/8-in casing was cemented to stabilize the well, the MDT modular formation dynamics tester was deployed with the Dual-Packer Module in single-phase sampling mode to safely collect six single-phase fluid samples from two zones.

Saved rig-time costs

Using the MDT tester instead of conventional well testing equipment to obtain the fluid samples saved several days, or approximately USD 2 million, in rig time while providing critical high-quality data.

Download: Cased-Hole Fluid Sampling in Deepwater Well Frees Rig Time (0.11 MB PDF)

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