Case Study: 85,987-m Tractor Conveyance Record in Extended-Reach Well

TuffTRAC tractor makes 19 descents over 38 days, offshore Newfoundland

Challenge: Conduct cement and casing evaluation, perforate, and release and pull a plug in an offshore extended-reach well with gas lift mandrels (GLMs) in the completion.

Solution: Use the TuffTRAC cased hole services tractor to convey:

  • DSI dipole sonic imager and USI ultrasonic imager for cement and casing evaluation
  • nine runs of perforating guns
  • mechanical intervention service to release and pull a plug. Independently operate the upper and lower tractor drives with a tandem sub to negotiate the GLMs.

Result: Achieved record-setting 85,987-m single-well tractoring with operations efficiently comprising 19 descents over 38 days.

Multiple operations in a complicated well

An operator had multiple operations to conduct in an extended-reach well offshore Newfoundland: log for well integrity, perforate, and release and pull a plug. In addition to the well’s challenging geometry, the completion included GLMs, which would have to be navigated by the equipment and conveyance method.

TuffTRAC tractor versatility

The TuffTRAC cased hole services tractor is the shortest tractor in the industry. It is also the only perforating tractor with active traction control and reverse tractoring capability, delivering superior maneuverability. The robust modular, low-power design easily withstands the impact of perforating gun detonation, conveys heavy loads, and negotiates difficult completions. A tandem sub increases functionality by enabling independent control of tractor drives above the sub from those below.

In addition to wireline logging and perforating services conveyance, the TuffTRAC tractor can convey a wireline mechanical intervention platform. The platform performs a variety of remedial operations in producer and injector wells, including plug setting, anchoring and linear actuation, milling, and debris removal.

Record-setting 85,987 m tractored

Conveyance comprising 19 descents over 38 days using the TuffTRAC tractor totaled a record-setting 85,987 m.  Wireline acoustic and cement evaluation services, perforating gun runs, and deployment of the mechanical intervention platform for release and pulling of a bridge plug were efficiently executed. Use of the tandem sub enabled the TuffTRAC tractor to successfully navigate the GLMs in the completion.

Download: 85,987-m Tractor Conveyance Record in Extended-Reach Well (0.35 MB PDF)

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