Case Study: UltraTRAC Tractor Conveys FMI Imager in One-Third of the Time Required for Drillpipe Logging

Tractoring 2,200 ft following quad-combo run in Mississippian Lime horizontal wells saves 24 h per well

Challenge: Optimize formation evaluation by adding image logging to petrophysical measurements in horizontal wells in the Mississippian Lime while controlling equipment and rig time costs.

Solution: Follow quad-combo logging suite with the FMI fullbore formation imager log conveyed on UltraTRAC all-terrain wireline tractor.

Result: Tractored an average of 2,200 ft to save 24 h per well over drillpipe conveyance in obtaining high-quality image logs.

Imaging needed in horizontal well sections

Spyglass Energy Group wanted to optimize formation evaluation for its horizontal wells in the Mississippian Lime play in Osage County, Oklahoma, by acquiring image logs. A quad-combo log was typically run in the horizontal section of the wells. However, subsequent logging measurements on either drillpipe or coiled tubing conveyance would generate high equipment and rig time costs.

Tractor conveyed for logging efficiency

The UltraTRAC all-terrain wireline tractor can convey toolstrings at up to 2,400 ft/h in the conditions present in the Mississippian Lime horizontal sections in Osage County. In addition, real-time data is returned by tractor-conveyed tools in comparison with memory logging using drillpipe conveyance for more timely decision making. The conveyance reach of the UltraTRAC tractor is farther than what is possible with coiled tubing, and UltraTRAC tractor operations are also safer, in addition to significantly reducing rig time.

Images acquired in one-third the time

FMI fullbore formation microimager logs were acquired in five Mississippian Lime wells by using UltraTRAC tractor conveyance. An average of 2,200 ft was tractored per well in the horizontal section. Whereas logging on drillpipe typically would take 36 h, each well was logged with tractor conveyance in 24 fewer hours, saving Spyglass Energy Group 5 days of rig time for the wells while acquiring high-quality images for formation evaluation.

Download: UltraTRAC Tractor Conveys FMI Imager in One-Third of the Time Required for Drillpipe Logging (1.68 MB PDF)

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Image Logging on Tractor Saves 24 h per Horizontal

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