Case Study: TrackMaster CH System Delivers Casing Window and Rathole in 2 Hours

FasTrack one-trip mill creates window and drills 3-ft rathole in high-compressive-strength limestone

Challenge: Mill a window for sidetracking from 7-in, 26-lbm/ft casing and drill the rathole in hard limestone formation in a single trip.

Solution: Run TrackMaster CH cased hole whipstock system with FasTrack one-trip mill to efficiently create a window and drill the hard formation.

Result: Milled a clean, usable window in 1.5 h and drilled the 3-ft rathole in 0.5 h in one trip, establishing a new level of performance.

Single-trip casing exit required in hard limestone

An operator required a window to sidetrack out of 7-in casing in a field outside of Midland, Texas, USA. A cutting structure was needed that could both mill the casing efficiently and drill a rathole in the hard, cherty limestone at the exit, thus enabling the operation to be completed in one trip.

TrackMaster CH system used with FasTrack one-trip mill

TrackMaster CH cased hole whipstock system was used with an orienting sub and a 6 1⁄8-in FasTrack one-trip mill equipped with Millmaster carbide inserts. For this exit, PDC cutters were strategically placed in the nose and radial breakover area of the mill to improve cutting structure durability. The retrievable whipstock featured mechanical anchors and an antirotational slip design.

Casing window and rathole completed in 2 hours

The TrackMaster CH milled a clean, full-gauge window in 1.5 h, with the bottom of the window at 1,782 ft. The 3-ft rathole was drilled in 0.5 h and the entire operation was completed in one trip.

Download: TrackMaster CH System Delivers Casing Window and Rathole in 2 Hours (0.81 MB PDF)

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