Case Study: Hydraulic Coupling Locator Tool Saves Rig Time in Gulf of Mexico Sidetracking Operation

Hydraulically actuated locator blocks locate three couplings, providing primary and backup whipstock setting locations

Challenge: Lower the costs associated with locating couplings to determine the optimal setting depth for placing a whipstock in a cased hole well.

Solution: Perform a coupling locator run using the Trackmaster HCL cased hole whipstock hydraulic coupling locator.

Result: Located three couplings at the required depth of 1,800 ft in conjunction with the scraper and drift run. Eliminated the need for a bridge plug and casing collar log, saving the costs associated with 3 hours of rig time.

Locate couplings to sidetrack well 

An operator sidetracking a cased hole well in the Gulf of Mexico needed to locate three casing couplings to determine the correct placement for a whipstock. Schlumberger provided the Trackmaster HCL tool with customized hydraulically actuated locator blocks to achieve the cost savings the operator wanted. 

Design fit-for-purpose locator blocks. 

The locator blocks were specifically designed for the well casing size to lock into the gaps in the buttress couplings, providing a weight indication at the surface. Three couplings were located, which indicated a primary and a backup setting location for the whipstock. 

The fit-for-purpose design included a burst barrel mechanism to allow the Trackmaster HCL coupling locator to act as a dormant component within the scraper and drift assembly after the couplings were located. Because the locator blocks automatically retracted back inside the tool body, this feature enabled full, unimpeded circulation for cleanout and conditioning purposes. 

Save 3 hours of rig time 

The Trackmaster HCL tool located three couplings at the requested shallow depth of 1,800 ft, which saved approximately 3 hours of rig time and the costs associated with a bridge plug and casing collar log. As a result of the success of this project, the operator has indicated an interest in using the tool on other projects where increasing the working depth could result in additional savings.

Download: Hydraulic Coupling Locator Tool Saves Rig Time in Gulf of Mexico Sidetracking Operation (0.68 MB PDF)

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Fit-for-Purpose Locator Blocks Provide a Weight Indication at the Surface

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